WPA Leadership Council

In April 2010, Winchester Physician Associates formed its first physician leadership team.

The team’s goal is to support the mission of the organization to continue to offer the highest quality care for our patients and their families. These leaders join the WPA Board Members in overseeing the direction of WPA.

Here are some thoughts from our physician leaders:



Joel Solomon, MD; Chief Medical Officer,
“Providing quality care is an industry-wide goal.  Partnering with insurance companies to achieve this universal objective will lead to benefits for providers and patients alike.”



Martha McCarty, MD;
“Since joining WPA in 1997, I felt strongly that physician involvement and leadership would provide the cornerstone enabling us to give the best possible care to our patients. As a founding member of our leadership team, I am eager to continue to promote our mission of providing quality health care to our patients.”



Joshua Sheehan, MD;
"WPA as an organization places the highest priority on providing patient's high quality care, supporting the providers associated with the organization, and keeping in mind the needs of the community.  I am honored be part of the leadership council in ensuring these objectives are continuously being achieved.  I look forward to the promising future of WPA and working closely with the many talented providers and staff associated with this organization."



Teriggi Ciccone, MD;
"Winchester Physician Associates has made it a top priority to put physicians into leadership roles.  The same physicians that provide direct care to our patients' have a great deal of influence on both the strategic vision, as well as the daily operations of our group.  Who better knows the needs of our patients' than the clinicians who care for them?  As a result, WPA provides a truly patient-centered experience to all of those whom we serve."